How can flour mills overcome wheat sourcing & pricing challenges in a volatile market?  At Engrain, we believe you shouldn’t have to worry about where you’re going to source your wheat, or how you’re going to deliver affordable, quality food to your customers. That’s why we created VolMAX™, a proprietary line of enzyme flour technology designed to tackle these challenges head-on. Here is an explanation of what VolMAX™ is, how it works, and how it can empower flour millers to optimize their wheat sourcing and pricing strategies.


What is VolMAX™ and How Does It Work?

VolMAX™ is a line of enzyme solutions created to address the diverse blends of wheat flours available in the market. Made primarily of enzymes and oxidation agents, VolMAX can stabilize lower quality wheats to meet specific customer specifications. The key to its effectiveness lies in its robust formulation, capable of overcoming various issues associated with wheat purchased at lower protein levels.

The blend of volMAX™ that is right for you depends on what kind of wheat(s) you are using as well as your bread formulation. For example, VolMAX250 is formulated as an enzyme plus oxidation solution for low to medium strength bread flour to improve the overall loaf volume, increase water absorption as well as create a desirable crumb structure. VolMAX250 was designed around an HRW dominant grist.


Who Benefits from volMAX™?

Flour millers seeking to produce premium wheat flour with peak performance while optimizing costs by utilizing cheaper wheat benefit the most from volMAX™. Additionally, bakers who prioritize standard and unchanging baking performance stand to gain significantly from incorporating VolMAX™ into their processes.


What Flour Millers & Bakers Desire

Cost Savings: Both flour millers and bakers aim to save money without compromising the quality of their end product. VolMAX™ offers a cost-effective solution by enabling the use of lower-protien wheat while maintaining premium performance.

Performance Plus Savings: VolMAX is designed to deliver not only performance improvements but also substantial cost savings, so flour millers can remain cost competitive in their market.


How to Optimize with volMAX™

  1. Crop to Crop Adaptability: VolMAX™ proves invaluable for flour millers dealing with crop-to-crop changes that are beyond their control. Its adaptability ensures consistent flour quality even in the face of variable wheat crops.
  2. Utilizing Lower-Priced Wheat: Flour millers can leverage VolMAX™ to purchase lower protein and often less expensive wheat, transforming it into a flour that performs on par with higher protein wheat flour. This flexibility in sourcing empowers millers to navigate market fluctuations and secure cost-effective raw materials.
  3. Replacement of Chemicals and Dough Conditioners: volMAX™ serves as an all-in-one solution, replacing the need for multiple chemicals and dough conditioners. This simplifies the mills’ in-house technical work, as millers need only dose the flour with one product. Thus, allowing them time to focus on building relationships with new and existing customers.



VolMAX™ emerges as a revolutionary solution in the world of flour milling, addressing the challenges associated with wheat sourcing and pricing. Flour millers and bakers alike can benefit from the cost savings and performance improvements offered by VolMAX™, making it a key player in the pursuit of premium quality flour with optimal efficiency. With VolMAX, the future of flour milling looks promising, combining innovation, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness for the benefit of the entire industry.


How Do I Get Started with volMAX™?

If you’re interested in setting up a free trial to see how volMAX™ can help your milling operations, simply reach out to our team via our contact us page. Our volMAX™ experts will reach out to discuss your needs, set up a free trial, and walk you through the process.

Once the trial results are presented and you’ve seen improvement in your flour, simply submit a P.O to begin implementing volMAX™ in your operations.  Customers who use volMAX™ are on the forefront of innovation, as we suspect enzyme flour technology will continue to grow in popularity easing wheat supply challenges.