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From pizza to pretzels, we create custom blends that solve complex bakery formula issues.

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Breakfast Belgian waffles with maple syrup and fresh raspberry. Grey background.

Baking formulas don’t always perform as desired.

Food manufacturers need reliable formulas that deliver consistent results, every time. Sometimes dough doesn’t have the desired elasticity, stretch, strength, or viscosity. This can lead to undesirable outcomes. Many companies don’t have the resources to dedicate to R&D for one formula or product.

You need a reliable partner who can solve your dough problems in a timely manner.

Flour Technologies

At Engrain, we understand the characteristics of wheat and flour, and the science behind baking. Our bakery specialists work with you to understand your desired outcome and through research and development, create a customized blend solution that solves formula performance challenges and provides a consistent bake, every time.

We’ve worked with a number of large, name-brand companies to create custom blends for specialty products like refrigerated pizza dough, hard pretzels, laminated dough, cakes, muffins, pancakes, and more.

Heart shaped pretzel.
Salted Hard Pretzels.
Waffles with berries.
Pizza with salami and tomatoes



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